Booktube: What I’m Watching & My Recent Uploads

I’ve found myself reaching for two types of booktube videos lately–day/week-in-the-life-style reading vlogs and stand-alone reviews. I’m craving the soothing vibes of watching people go about their day or week and how they fit their reading into that, alongside deeper dives and close readings of books I’ve read. I thought I’d share some of the content I’ve been watching, and some of the videos I’ve made that may be of interest.

Thunderbird Woman Reads

Dani has a wonderful bookstagram account of the same name, and recently started a booktube channel focusing on Indigenous literature. She recently reviewed The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones, a literary horror novel that I read via audiobook and couldn’t put down! This isn’t a genre I typically read but it was so engaging on a thematic level and written with such a pace to the narrative that I kept needing to know what was coming next. I loved being able to watch Dani’s review once I finished, and highly recommend it (spoiler free)!

Brown Girl Reading

Didi has some of the most engaging stand-alone review videos and is a go-to for me when I’m looking to really engage with a text on that detailed level.

While no IRL bookclubs are happening for me right now, Didi’s videos come very close to replicating that experience for me and I always appreciate her perspective on books–she is such an intentional reader and I particularly connect with her reflections on writing style and characterization. I also loved Luster and have particularly loved finding stand-alone reviews of this that delve into the complexities of the book, so this review by Didi was a great watch for me!

Sunbeams Jess

Jess is a creator I started watching years ago for her fashion and beauty content, and I rediscovered her channel recently because of her bookish content!

I love the way Jess talks about books, and seeing her home renovation adventures and London-exploring vlogs and fashion all amidst the book chat is pure joy for me.

My Uploads

In terms of my own content, I’ve really pared back what I upload just because I am not prepared to compromise on my reading time (at least I’m being honest, right?!). I find the way I want to share and engage most is in the form of stand-alone reviews where I can do a deep dive into a book, and recently even uploaded a spoilery and spoiler-free series on the same title, Laura Jean McKay’s The Animals In That Country.

I also re-read Vicki Laveau-Harvie’s The Erratics (something I almost never do) after listening to her being interviewed on Reading Women. Getting to engage with her magnificent prose and dark humor via audiobook was such a great experience and made me appreciate what a unique book this truly is. I’m SO glad this is now readily available after being such a pain in the ass to track down last year when it won the Stella Prize. I also shared a stand-alone review for a title I really didn’t get on with, again something I don’t usually do.

All Our Shimmering Skies was an incredibly hyped book and I was really anticipating it after loving Boy Swallows Universe so much, and because I genuinely had not seen any reviews that were less than glowing or engaging with the text critically on some of the issues I had with it, decided to share my thoughts that way.

I’d love to know what content you’ve connected with lately and if you have any channels to recommend to me that do great vlogs or stand alone reviews.

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