Booktube & Bookstagram: What I’m Watching (June 2019)

Long before I started making my own content, I was a huge fan of booktube (and am happy to report, still am!). I always love finding new channels to watch, and thought I’d give you some specific video recommendations I have found give a great insight into some of my favorite creators, alongside some instagram activities this month that are related.


Sarah (@ Hardcover Hearts) is a new booktuber, and I have been absolutely delighted to find her channel – she reads widely and across a number of genres, and posts very considered but concise commentary when she reviews books. I was so moved by a video she posted for Father’s Day where she talks about her own experiences moving through grief by reading.

If you enjoy following indie releases from Australia, you’ll love Julia (@ Julia’s Book Time). She is a big fan of reading Aussie fiction, and I’ve come across some really great Australian women writers via her channel. What I appreciate most about Julia is the breadth of her reading within #auslit – many people on booktube speak about Australian books but few discuss titles and authors as diverse as those Julia covers. Her manner is so calming I feel like I’m sitting down for a coffee and chat with a friend when I watch Julia’s videos!

June is #Pride month and while there are many discussion and recommendation videos, I found Jesse’s (Bowties and Books) video about booktube and Pride, and the importance of reading widely within the entirety of the LGBTQIA+ community, a really important one. Related to this is the discussion that Pride reads are not just for June, in which case the instagram hashtag #queerliteverymonth, started a year ago by Molly (@readmollyread), is a wonderful resource.

Another book-related activity being hosted in June is #ReadCaribbean by Cindy (@bookofcinz) and a number of other creators on bookstagram. They have a photo challenge that you can follow each day in June, but are generally encouraging readers to pick up books by Caribbean authors. I have Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn on my TBR for the month!

One video that I watched recently that really got me thinking about book buying from an ethical and environmental perspective particularly is Charlotte (@ Tired Mama Tries to Read). I find Charlotte’s hauls and reviews delightful( she films in the most gorgeous cabin!) but this video particularly was just so fascinating – the research she had done into the issues she discussed made for a really enlightening video and one I’d highly recommend- I may even film a response video as I found it that interesting to look at book buying habits in a broader context.


If you’re following along with the Reading Women podcast this June, you’ll know it is also currently #ReadingWomenMonth, celebrating three years of the podcast! I’ve been hosting a series of “camera flips” on my booktube channel and many of my reading friends have submitted their videos which I have posted – many have shared their TBRs or tailored recommendations for some of the bingo board challenge prompts. Hopefully this has given them a taste for booktube and might encourage them to start their own channels one day! Kendra and I are compiling a playlist of all the videos using the tag so if you’re looking for some recommendations head on over.


Disclaimer: some affiliate links used.


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