Getting a Bookstore Fix in Napa, CA

As I mentioned in my last post, I was recently in the heart of wine country and in need of a bookstore fix, so visited a few in Napa on the recommendation of Russell over at Ink and Paper Blog.

First up we stopped in to the Napa Bookmine at the Oxbow Public Market. This market place was an amazing little foodie haven with many delicious options (we opted for woodfired pizza, olives and local wine), and I was also delighted to find a little bookstore among it all! I didn’t make any purchases but this outlet had a great range of newer release titles, as well as gorgeous gift selections and totes. I believe Napa Bookmine has another outlet not too far away which I didn’t get the chance to visit on this trip, but one I’ll add to my itinerary for next time!

Russell had suggested a trip to Copperfields Books, and as there was one in Napa we managed to check it out! This store had wonderful table displays of new release titles, as well as an amazing selection of sale books. I managed to find a few titles I’d been wanting for a while for the price of a used book, bargain! Definitely check this one out, and if you need an eatery near the Napa store, Heritage Eats just across from the bookstore had a great selection of Asian fusion options!


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