How I Find What I Want to Read Next

While I probably spend more time looking up new releases and publication lists than the average person, I have a few go-to options that are available online and that I turn to for specific types of reads. I wanted to share a few here in case it helps anyone else looking for what to read next.

For recent Australian releases…

There are a small but wonderful selection of individuals sharing their reads on booktube and bookstagram, and I tend to turn to a handful regularly to keep me up to date with what is new and exciting.

Jaclyn Crupi (@jaclyncrupi) of Hill of Content in Melbourne reads a really diverse range of literary fiction, and shares incredible cookbook releases (Ottolenghi is a firm favorite!).

Amy from @polyreader posts instagram and booktube content about indie press releases and women writers, is a huge Helen Garner fan, and put me onto the fabulous Brow Books which have released some really unique and award-winning reads.

I also follow a few book prizes in Australia, namely the Stella Prize and the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction, both of which never disappoint in helping me find new Australian reads.

For translated fiction…

Matthew Sciarappa and Russell (Ink & Paper Blog) are my go-to content creators reviewing and discussing translated fiction – I have them to thank for my new-found love for Korean-translated fiction and Amelie Nothomb respectively!

Translator-extraordinaire Anton Hur (who translated one of my favorite 2018 reads, The Court Dancer by Kyung-Sook Shin) is super active on both twitter and Instagram. He translates wonderful works himself (I’m looking forward to his recent translation of The Underground Village by Kang Kyeong-ae) and also provides great recommendations for other translated titles too.

For helping me find diverse reads that I may not be aware of…

There are some wonderful hashtags and accounts that promote diverse authors internationally, one of my favorites being #diversespines created by Jamise over at @spinesvines. The dedicated hashtag promotes women authors of color, and is a great way to find fantastic reads by writers from all over the world, as well as discuss Jamise’s chosen book of the month. Cindy at @bookofcinz also become a fast favorite of mine in 2018, and I’m looking forward to her Caribbean book club that she’s hosting online (and in person if you’re in Trinidad) during 2019.

For women writers that might not be on my radar…

The Reading Women podcast has a regular podcast and newsletter which quite literally “reclaims half the bookshelf.” I have been a long time fan of the work Kendra and Autumn do to profile women writers, and share books that might not otherwise be on my radar. The titles are always from a diverse range of authors, cover fiction and nonfiction, and have helped me find some of my favorite reads over the last few years (I’ll be eternally grateful for the introduction to Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko!)

In the interests of transparency, I’ve now joined the Reading Women team as a contributor, and while you’ll be able to catch me on some episodes later in 2019 you can listen to one I recorded on audiobooks in 2018 here.

For literary fiction..

Matthew Hickey (@hickey_mt) and his wonderful book review hashtag #hicksbookclub can be found on twitter talking about the latest releases, and I particularly enjoy seeing which literary fiction he is picking up! I know he puts a great deal of effort into researching reviews etc before he picks up a book, and each year he posts a best of the year book-list which serves as a wonderful summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere) reading guide – find his 2018 on here!

I am also a long-time fan on Eric (Lonesome Reader) who has both a wonderful blog and booktube channel reviewing mostly new release literary fiction. Eric reads diversely, has a contagious passion and enthusiasm for reading, and is #1 fan of Joyce Carol Oates. Highly recommend checking out his platforms.


  1. What a great list of people/platforms to follow to find new books! I’ve never heard of The Reading Women but I love podcasts, so I’ll definitely give it a listen!!


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