Pink Mountain on Locust Island by Jamie Marina Lau

This was such a wonderfully bizarre read! So glad I picked this up after seeing it listed in the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction.

The story follows 15 year old Monk in an unnamed city, and we’re immersed in her visceral experiences of the world through food, drugs, art, loss, and love. The plot rolls between short and abstract chapters, then immerses the reader in more detailed chapters occasionally that are full of sensory-piquing prose (there was a scene during yum cha that had my mouth watering, but I was equally repulsed during more gritty descriptions in other chapters!).

It took me a while to feel the plot progression given the more abstract narrative style, but once I fell in step with it the beauty of the prose and structure was very cool! This was such a unique read and a very fun reading experience, and I tore through it! Lau’s writing cleverly balances readability alongside its more experimental elements, and I look forward to more from this powerhouse young author (she’s only 20-years old! What talent!) 

I’m glad I got to read it in two sittings – given the experimental nature of it I think it worked best that way to keep with the rhythm. This is definitely one to check out! 🌟🌟🌟🌟


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