Can We All Be Feminists?

This is a compelling collection of essays on intersectional feminism, calling on readers to question their privilege and consider a broader definition of feminism than has previously been offered in the mainstream discussions. This collection was timely, thought provoking, inclusive, and a prism of perspectives. I was captivated by the depth of perspectives and the honesty of the discussions. This is one of the most powerful essay collections I have read in a long time. June Eric-Udorie has assembled a stellar collection, and at only 20 years of age I have so much respect for what this young activist has already achieved in her career.

What immediately connected me to each essay was that the authors described their first encounter with feminism, and the realization that it didn’t fit squarely with other aspects of their life. The topics that it covers have their finger on the pulse as some of the most pressing contemporary discussions ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement, Ireland’s abortion referendum, to transgender women and comments made by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that have been particularly polarizing. It also looked at issues like disability, income, the body, beauty, religion, and a myriad of other considered yet emotional connections with feminism.

can we all be feminists
Image Credit: Penguin Books

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Books for an ARC of this collection (out 25 September 2018) in exchange for an honest review.

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