The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Rightly or wrongly, romance is not a genre I’m typically drawn to. That being said, sometimes you just need a book you can devour and that will leave your heart a little happier for having read it. “The Wedding Date” ticked those boxes for me.

It was an incredibly fun read – I loved the whimsy of Drew and Alexa meeting in a broken elevator, followed by their whirlwind (and steamy!!) relationship. Guillory managed to pepper the narrative with some of the issues faced in interracial dating, though successfully managed to avoid having Drew and Alexa’s story being defined by this.86F8280F-00DB-4192-95B1-AD4AA16B3682

Above all, I think what kept me turning the pages (and doing so quickly!) was how real Drew and Alexa were as characters. Their dilemmas were believable, they were flawed, but their chemistry was palpable from that initial encounter. I was hooked and felt invested in their happily ever after!

Dont just take my word for it though, look for Roxane Gay’s endorsement on the front cover!



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