The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

920337D6-E702-4E36-B5F9-286BBA6D503D.jpegAdmittedly I was drawn to this after hearing SO much hype about it online – after a very dramatic start (you can’t really call your main character waking up next to the dead body of her one-night stand anything else, right?!) and an ending that just kept pulling out the plot twists right up to the epilogue, I was really pleasantly surprised by this!

I don’t want to share much more of the plot as it would spoil the reading experience for you, but will say I found the pace (and my interest in turning the pages!) really quicken closer to the end of the book. Some of the lead up was a little tedious for me, quite possibly in part because the main character, Cassie, is written as an alcoholic train-wreck who keeps putting her foot in it and worsening her own situation. In hindsight I think this was needed to give context to later parts of the plot. Cassie is not an overly sympathetic character for most of the novel, I think at times I actually found myself cringeing for her in disbelief at what she was doing!

I loved the effort the author had put into the finer details about flight attendants, in-flight antics (/horror stories!) and the lifestyle of pilots and flight attendants. I have many of both in my family and will definitely be getting them to pick this one up!

Believe the hype readers, it’s a page turner and I’m not at all shocked it has be been picked up for a film adaptation!

Thanks to Chris Bohjalian, Double Day and NetGalley for my proof copy.


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